Setting Up

For this week we need setup our working environment by: - installing ruby - installing rspec - installing editor

For now we will install the editor and ruby, rspec will install as we get into with the course, during Test Driven Development face.

Installing ruby

There are different ways of installing ruby depending on the OS for this reason am going to point to the ruby official documentaton and rvm(ruby version manager) website. RVM is used to run different version of ruby it comes handy when you working on different projects that run on different versions of ruby. We reccomend using RVM since in future you will find yourself working with more than one ruby version.

Using RVM {#using-rvm}

If you are using Ubuntu then you can follow the official instructions given on this github page


This is the first external link with instructions we are giving you. Make sure you read the whole instruction and follow it step by step

Install Editor

Well this the wide range of option I will not limit you to any but am going to give some options to look at - visual studio - atom - sublime text

Okay, I lied when I said I will not limit you, can we just use visual studio just because it is the hottest thing right now :smiley:

Also have a look at VIM when you have time, it is the best editor (Dont try to use it just yet, lets stick to vscode)

Quiting Vim as a beginner