Undertanding the DOM

DOM is the getway to manipulation of html elements and obtain the scripting power of Javascript.

We will go through in practical and understand how follow the DOM from top most parent to lowest child.

By the end of it all you should be able to manipulate DOM content with easy to suit your need

Events and Event Listeners

To enhance UX the browser must react according to his or her action.For instance if user click download button she expect a response wether negative or positive. We will understand how to allow user to interact with browser capture their action and give appropriate feedback.

We will achieve by looking deep into event and event listener

Understanding control flow

Just like the name suggest it controls the flow, that interrupts normal functioning of a programming by skipping or repeating or doing anything that is not normal to a step.The helps in decision controls which apply programming our daily life experience, where conditions or decisions are involved.

Functions and loops

Functions are one of core concepts of any programming language the give immense as the allow reuseability.We will focus majorly on ES6 way of writing function(the arrow function) but we will also take a look at the named function. Apart from user defined function will also take a look at msdn for inbuilt js function and how the can easen our work.

We will we also take a look at the loops and how

Basic Data type and operators

Data as you have already learnt is the core of programming, understanding different operation which can be performed on different data as manupulation to achieve our desired output will be one of key pillars of this week

Student should understand basic js datatypes and our and manipulate them.

We spend sometime understanding different types of operator including but not limited to logical operators, assignment operators among others and see how the affect or help with decision making