This week will we are going through react js.React is javascript library according to it's official documentation it is not a framework as is infamously get confused.React used to create single page apps. In MVC pattern react is the V i.e the view it used to render view to the user.That is react

Week's Objective

  • Understanding the importance of Virtual DOM(ReactDOM).

  • Gain insight on how to inject html in JS using JSX

  • Understand components and their resuability.

  • Understand state and props

  • React Lifecycle method

  • Conditional rendering

  • introdcution to react hook

Day 1

  • Have an wholesome understanding react application

  • Go through building react tictactoe

Day 2

  • Understand virtual dom

  • introduction to JSX

  • understand both functional and class component

  • Understand state and props

  • Conditional rendering in react

Day 3

  • Introduction to react hook

  • Understanding lifecycle methods in react

  • How to fetch data from an API using react

  • Understand react form

  • Introduction to react routers

Day 4

  • Keeping session in reaction

  • Understanding redux

Day 5